Here I am! McKenzie Deakins. You need to know your wedding photographer. I spend a good amount of time with my cute brides on their wedding day. So shouldn’t I seem like a close friend? Or maybe even a family member? Exactly…

So here are some speaking points about me…

  • Married to a hot man. Greg Deakins.
  • Two stinking cute kids. Sometimes they are evil, but they have their good days and I love them like madness. Ellie and Harrison Danger. Yes, his middle name is Danger. I’m cool like that.
  • Can’t stop saying fabulous, darling, and adding licious to the end of any word.
  • Nothing better than a cold coke.
  • Cadbury mini eggs should be sold year round.
  • Hate the word ornery. I can’t pronounce it, and it’s ugly.
  • Disneyland is essential.
  • Proud fan of Xena: Warrior Princess.
  • iPhone, iPad, iMac. Yes.
  • Shooting weddings since 2005.
  • Degree in photography from Utah Valley University.